Digital native love.

This is the place where flaw means everything, where failing is part of the plan. Where common sense just marks the beginning as the unlikely will be embraced. Because the bullshit you dream of might be the business plan you crave for. There are no promises to make - only stories to tell.

What others say about us

I cannot say better things about their skills, competence and abilities: front & back end builds, design, product strategy & just general smartness, coolness and a deep love of all things digital, as well as good strong coffee.

Jeffrey De Vito, CEO of Screenspeak Studios LLC

némata showed passion about our product and had a quick understanding of our brand. We are now working together on our third project with némata and are happy to have them at our side for all things to do with product UI and UX as well as brand strategy.

Dr. Christian Kaul, Member of the Advisory Board, Arriver

They are a small group of insanely talented developers and creatives. I’ve actually had the pleasure to collaborate with them over several projects in the past years, so I put a lot of trust into them and their work!

Felix Geisendörfer, Founder of transloadit and node.js core contributor

némata are a crazy collective of creative brains and talented developers, it’s always a great pleasure to work with them!

Pablo Metz, Founder and CEO of MBR Targeting

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